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Strength in Numbers (Christopher Yang)

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June 8, 2018.  Our first day of practice at Plano Kendo Dojo.  Initially, we scheduled practice once a week on Friday afternoons, and had two classes, a kids class from 300pm, and an adults class from 515pm.  We started our dojo with 7 kids and 21 adults for a total of 29 kenshi in our inaugural class for Plano Kendo Dojo, with the majority of kenshi learning kendo for the very first time.  It was a very educational experience for me to go back to square one and teach the very basics of kendo.  Unlike Torrance Dojo or other dojos that have been in existence for a while, there are no “role models” or examples that other kenshi can watch and learn.  Everything from kendo etiquette, manners, reigi and aisatsu must be explained, taught, and re-taught since these are completely new concepts to those who have no exposure to kendo or Japanese culture.  Similarly, teaching the very basics of kendo, from how to hold the shinai, how to rei, how to do suriashi and suburi, were very educational for me personally as it forced me to remember what I learned from my many great senseis and senpai.   In addition to…