65th All Japan Championship Interview : Nishimura Hidehisa


Two years of experience made him bigger

The first victory in the All Japan Championship 2 years ago and the earthquake in Kumamoto of last year’s April. Nishimura Hidehisa has overcome events never to be forgotten and grasped the All Japan cup once again. After the playing the finals, the support and thoughts of many people welled up in his heart. “I fought with my emotion”, Nishimura said. There was something different about this year’s victory.

He is the tenth person to attain this victory twice. Nishimura brought welcome news to his current residence of Kumamoto and his birthplace of Oita. Apparently, the phone of his elderly house in Oita was ringing non stop for a while after he had won. “My greatest joy is that I was able to bring some cheerfulness to the people around me. However, I was not able to win when my parents were there to cheer for me, so that is left undone.”
He scratched his head in a shy manner. Up until this point, Nishimura has experienced the support of many people. With this victory apparently, there was an emotion different from before.

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