Players comment : Pim Willems (Aruba)


I’m really proud that I could represent Aruba in such a big tournament. Most people don’t even know Aruba exists so I had to explain it a lot.
My opponents where really strong so I can say that I’m satisfied with the results.
I won my first match with 2 men in a short amount of time so I had a good start.
The second match went well too and even though I lost I feel that I defended myself well technically. The other opponent was just faster and that’s why he won.
I learned a lot from my matches. It was my first tournament after entering the International Budo University and it was my first WKC.
Even though I’ve been training in an event like International Budo University for only 6 months I can notice a big improvement in how I played my matches. I look forward to many more tournaments in the future.
I really hope Aruba can produce enough players for a team next time so it’s not just individual matches. However, coming from such a small island only time can tell.

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