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2nd Ho Chi Minh City Open Kendo Championships (2nd HCMKC)



“2nd Ho Chi Minh City Open Kendo Championships (2nd HCMKC)” will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2019.
If you want to join this tournament, please follow the facebook event page.
Here is a detail.


  • Date : 23rd-24th March 2019
  • Place : RMIT Saigon South Kendo Club
    Sports Hall, RMIT International University Vietnam
  • chief judge : FURUKAWA Kazuo-sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan


22nd March 2019

Shimpan & Shiai Seminar

23rd March 2019: Individual Tournaments

– Female 0-3 Dan
– Male 0-1 Dan
– Male 2-3 Dan
– Mixed Genders 3-6 Dan

24th March 2019: Team Tournaments

– 5-Player-Open Team (Mixed Genders, No Dan Limitation)
– 3-Player-Female Team (No Dan Limitation)


– Medals
– Trophies
– Kendo Equipments (Kote, Do, Tare, Gi, Hakama)
– And many more prizes

Detail :

[Kazuo Furukawa] The desire to be the best of Japan

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