To Maximize Their Potential: Japan Women’s National Team Training Camp in Tokyo



Translation: Hoshino Maki

Japan’s National Team, aiming for overall victory at the World Kendo Championships (WKC), organized separate training camps for men and women. The women’s team conducted their camp from April 12 at the All Japan Junior Kendo Rensei-kaikan and Teikyo University, engaging in practice matches with Teikyo University, University of Tsukuba, Chuo University, Hosei University, Nippon Sport Science University, and Ikubunkan High School (boys team) to prepare diligently for the upcoming championships.

The WKC’s women’s division was established at the 10WKC (Kyoto, Japan) in 1997. Initially held as an “International Tournament”, it became a “Semi-official Tournament” at the 11WKC (Santa Clara, USA), and from the 12WKC (Glasgow, Scotland) in 2003, it became official championships.

Throughout the 12th to the 17th WKC, Japan’s women’s team has claimed all the world titles in both the team and individual championships. In the men’s events, Japan has engaged in closely contested matches with Korea each time, while teams from the USA, Canada, and Europe, including the host country of the 19th WKC, Italy, have also been gaining strength. Although it is said that there is a significant gap in strength between Japan and other countries in the women’s division, anything can happen in competition.

“I intend to prepare us fully unleash our strength at 100 percent. As pointed out, matches are unpredictable, but rather than fearing mistakes, I want us to actively engage in the matches. Without the spirit of determination, techniques won’t manifest, so I’m focused on refining this crucial aspect,” stated Women’s Team Manager Takenaka Kentaro.

Takenaka himself competed in the 11WKC, securing second place in the individual championship. He served as a coach under Manager Miyazaki Masahiro in the 15th, 16th, and 17th WKC. This WKC marks his first time as Manager. Assisting him are coaches Takanabe Susumu (Kyoshi 8th Dan) who has participated in the WKC four times, and Kawagoe Mana (Renshi 7th Dan)

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