A desire to support Romanian Kendo : M.C. Cornea (Romania)


“I felt very good. I wanted to win a little more tough …”
A feeling of fulfillment and a little regret. Cristian, who came in third in the junior individual category, sighs.

Cornea, a third-year high school student, began Kendo from the age of 13 at the local Kashi Kendo Club. As a part of a sports diplomacy project of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs last year, he was blessed with opportunities for kendo exchanges with Tsukuba University and Meikei High School. He said that these activities greatly influenced his attainment of third place this tournament.

Expectations are high for Cornea from Romanian kendo practitioners.
“The experience of training with Japanese top players really inspired me. I would like to become a leader in Romanian kendo in the future, and I will continue to train hard.”

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