The importance of motodachi (Sakamoto Takashi)


In 2019 from August 2 (Fri) to August 4 (Sun) the annual Amsterdam Kendo Summer Seminar was held. In this report, the contents of the seminar will be presented in text and video.
If you participated in the seminar, please remember to incorporate it into your regular practice.

On the first day, Sakamoto sensei taught a group which consisted of 4th dan+ kenshi. It centered around kirikaeshi and kihon practice, but the role of the motodachi was interesting in particular.

As can be seen in the video, Sakamoto sensei stood motodachi for 3 kote strikes. When doing this, make sure you are moving your feet with good kiai and pressure your opponent. In this practice, if the kakarite’s kote attempt is half hearted, the motodachi is supposed to perform an oji-waza in response. When Sakamoto sensei countered the first kote-strike, the kakarite got flustered and wasn’t able to make a good kote-strike after. The goal is not to counter every kote-strike, but let good attempts through.

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