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Nabeyama Takahiro Sensei zoom online seminar


Kendo training and seminars have been cancelled on a global scale due to the effects of the new coronavirus. However, there are many things you can do at home without having to wear your Bogu and go to the Dojo. It may be a good opportunity for you to review Kendo at your own pace.

This time, as a supportive project for this period of home Keiko we will be holding an online seminar with Takahiro Nabeyama Sensei to give you the opportunity to learn more about Kendo at your own pace.

Participants will be asked to send in a video of the exercises in advance. Specifically, you will be asked to send in a video of your Suburi beforehand, and Nabeyama Sensei will use the video as a basis for Suburi instruction. Since this is a pilot program, there is no charge for participation and the number of participants is limited to 20.

This project is also a way to explore new ways to learn Kendo. We hope you will join us for the further development of overseas Kendo.


Saturday, June 27th
Saturday, July 4th 

Both days at CET (Central European Time) 11:00-12:30. 


Part 1: How to perform Suburi that leads directly to Ippon. The lecture is based on the videos that was sent by the participants in advance.

Part 2: Participants are asked again to submit video footage of their Suburi and Shiai in advance to look for areas of improvement.


Limited to 20. Participants must be able to understand either Japanese or English.



How to apply

Please use this application form and we will close it when we reach 20 people.


-You will be asked to submit a video of your Suburi before the zoom session and the lecture will be based on it.
-The online lesson will be done using zoom. We recommend using a tablet or PC, not a smart phone.
-Please make sure you have a good internet connection before you join the class.
-When using zoom, we recommend speaker view (it’s easier to see the teacher’s movement).
-Please mute the speaker except when you are speaking.
-The language used is English and Japanese

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