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Nami Kendo Taikai 2019 & 2nd Junior Team Cup [Poland]



Official event name

Nami Kendo Taikai 2019 & 2nd Junior Team Cup


20th-22nd of September 2019



to be confirmed

Categories of tournament (date of birth is decisive):

I – individual: children up to 9 years old (presentation of kirikaeshi and uchikomi).
II – individual: children 10-12 years old (shiai).
III – individual: juniors 13-15 years old (shiai).

IV – 2nd Junior Team Cup (3-person team: children + juniors).

V – individual men and women (age 16+) / kyu. Four best kenshi competing in kyu category are automatically promoted to dan category.
VI – individual men (16+) dan.
VII – individual women (16+) open.
VIII – 3-person team: adults (mixed, age 16+) The total age of all participants in the one team must be not less than 80 years old – determined by the year of birth.


The event will take place at Primary School no 84 in Wrocław/Poland, located at Górnickiego 20 street

Comment from organiser

Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI and Ryushinkai Kendo Wroclaw Club are pleased to invite for the 5th international tournament NAMI KENDO TAIKAI and the accompanying events:
– open kendo training,
– dan exams 1-5

The tournament is a part of the Japanese Martial Arts Festival in Wroclaw (Nami Budo Matsuri 2019), organized with the support of the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee and the Sports Bureau of the Municipality and the Communal Office of Wroclaw. Previous editions: 2015,2016,2017,2018.

The tournament is a part of the Centennial Wave project in Wroclaw, which celebrates the century of establishing diplomatic relationships between Poland and Japan. The Embassy of Japan in Poland granted to the tournament the official Status of the Anniversary Celebrations Event.

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