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Winning the 7th Dan Tournament after a non-recoverable injury  


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KENDOJIDAI 2020.4 This year's 7th Dan Tournament had 18 invited competitors and welcomed 2 players from Korea, a country which is competing ever rigorously at the WKC. The finalists were first time participant Nakano Takahiro (Kyoto) and Iwashita Tomohisa (Chiba) for his third attempt. Nakano’s Men-strike took the match in extension time. A warm hearted applause erupted naturally, including from the rivals he crossed swords with, in the face of this comeback play after he suffered a serious injury in 2012 which was said to be unrecoverable. Uchimura Ryoichi (Tokyo) and Yoneya Yuichi (Saitama) finished third. With the efforts of Korean competitors and the introduction of Shiai between Japan and Korea, this year's event has ushered in a new stage for the 7th Dan Tournament. Great Earthquake Reconstruction SupportThe 7th edition of the All Japan Invitational 7th Dan Championship February 2nd, 2020Kanagawa Prefectural BudokanOrganizer: Kanagawa Prefectural Kendo Federation Co-organizer / Kendo Jidai (Physical Education and Sports Publisher)Cooperation: Japan Kendo Promotion Association / Kanagawa Prefecture / Kanagawa Newspaper “Even though I was told I couldn’t do Kendo anymore,I love Kendo so I didn’t give up” Nakano Takahiro 7th Dan (Kyoto, 39 years old) Kyoto Prefectural Police, Maizuru Police Station. First participation. Went…

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