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Ishida Toshiya & Miyazaki Masahiro: All Japan Championship Dialogue

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2021.1 KENDOJIDAI The All Japan Kendo Championship, which defines the best Kendo in Japan, has been postponed. This is the first time since the first championship was held in 1953. We asked some of the past winners of the tournament about their memories of the event and what they have learned throughout. Unique dialogue between Ishida Toshiya and Miyazaki Masahiro SenseiKenyu (Kendo friends) who improve each other It was about 30 years ago. As the turbulent Showa era came to a close and the time shifted to the Heisei era, the All Japan Kendo Championship to determine Japan's best Kenshi began to revolve around two outstanding figures: Ishida Toshiya and Miyazaki Masahiro, both of whom continue to make their presence felt to this day. We look back on their active years, focusing on the All Japan Championships. Ishida Toshiya, 8th Dan Kyoshi Born in Osaka in 1961. He graduated from PL Gakuen High School and went on to study at Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences before joining the Osaka Prefectural Police. His major achievements include winning the All Japan Championship twice, the National Police Championship team and individual titles, the WKC team title, the All Japan Invitational 7th Dan…

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