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Dialogue between Mentor and apprentice: Tani Katsuhiko & Nakada Katsumi (both 8th Dan)

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KENDOJIDAI 2018.9 In early May, Nakada Katsumi Sensei passed through the 0.6% eye of the needle and was promoted to 8th Dan.  At the same time, Tani Katsuhiko was awarded the highest rank in the world of Kendo, the rank of Hanshi. We asked both of them, the student and the teacher, to talk about their experience, course of action, and mindset for their preparation towards their Dan examinations. Tani Katsuhiko, 8th Dan Born in 1957 in Gunma Prefecture. He went on to study at Niijima Gakuen High School and Tsukuba University. After graduation, he became a high school teacher in Gunma Prefecture. His major achievements include winning the 10th All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship (2nd place twice), participating in the All Japan Championship, winning the National Teachers' Team Championship, and participating in the All Japan East-West Tournament. Received the title of Hanshi in May, 2008. Nakada Katsumi, 8th Dan Born in 1971 in Gunma Prefecture. When he was a student at Takasaki Commercial High School, he was trained by Tani Katshuhiko, and was active in the Inter High School Championships, reaching the top eight individually. After graduation, he joined the Gunma Prefectural Police and participated in various national tournaments,…