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Essential left foot techniques (Takenaka Kentaro)

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2021.2 KENDOJIDAI Takenaka Sensei passed his 8th Dan examination in October with flying colors. Based on the principle of striking without repositioning the left foot, he has continued to research and devise new methods of Okuri-ashi (basic Kendo footwork) and Tsugi-ashi (repositioning the left foot). In this article, we will introduce the two different types of footwork that he has been practicing in order to expand the range of his Kendo. Takenaka Kentaro, 8th Dan Kyoshi Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1972. He graduated from PL Gakuen High School and went on to study at Tsukuba University, then became a teacher at a high school in Tottori Prefecture. He has been teaching at Kanoya University of Health and Sport Sciences since April 2008. He has placed 2nd in the World Kendo Championships, 8th in the All Japan Kendo Championships, competed in the All Japan East-West Kendo Tournament, won the Individual and Group Championships in the National Teachers' Tournament, and placed 2nd in the All Japan Invitational 7th Dan Championships. Currently, he is an associate professor at the Kanoya University of Health and Sport Sciences Department of Physical Education, coach of the men's Kendo team, and coach of the Japanese women's national…