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Japan’s starchild prodigy Hoshiko Keita

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2019.10 KENDOJIDAI Hoshiko Keita Born in Kagoshima Prefecture in 1998. After graduating from Shigetomi Junior High School in Kagoshima and Kyushu Gakuin High School, he entered the Faculty of Physical Education at Tsukuba University. He has won the team championship at the World Championships, the title and 2nd place at the All Japan Student Team Championships, the title and 3rd place (two times) at the All Japan Student Individual Championships, and the title at the Kanto Student Team Championships and 3rd place at the Kanto Student Individual Championships. A year of strengthening through self confrontation Hoshiko Keita, a third-year student at Tsukuba University, won the All-Japan Student Championship in July 2019. This is the third year in a row that he was the favorite, and he took the All Japan Student Title for the first time. He had competed in the championship in his freshman and sophomore years, finishing third in each of them. This year, he had set a clear goal of winning the championship, but things didn't go so well as he finished in the top 16 in the Kanto Student Individual Championship which is the qualifier to the All Japan Student Championship. "I came in third two years…