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[Kazuo Furukawa] The desire to be the best of Japan  


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01/08/2018 12:00 pm  

A swordsman who has always aimed for the pinnacle has finally grasped the crown. Furukawa Kazuo, 60 years old. This swordsman who up until now has showed excellent matches in various tournaments, which are imprinted into people's memories, has left his record as the best of Japan in the All Japan 8th Dan Kendo Championship which is also known as the “battle of masters”. It had been 35 years since he stood in the semifinals of the 27th all Japan Kendo Championships. Kazuo Furukawa Furukawa  Kazuo, born in 1954 in Nagasaki prefecture, 60 years old. Proceeded from Saikai Gakuen High School to Tokai University. After graduation, became a faculty member of the Tokai University 4th High School. Major achievements include 2nd place in the All Japan Championship, 2nd place in the World Championship, 2nd place in the National Teachers' Competition, 1st place the All Japan Prefectural Championship, 1st place at the World Combat Games Kendo Chapionship 8th dan division 2 consecutive times. He won his first victory at the All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship held in April this year. His teaching theory, which thoroughly emphasizes basics is well established. At Tokai University 4th High School he has taught the…

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07/08/2018 10:46 pm  

Hello from an Australian beginner,

Our Sensei has just mentioned having a ‘winning attitude’, or a ‘desire to win’.

For me, it all seems pretty daunting.

Can you please explain this attitude, in reference to Furkawa Sensei’s win?

Thanks in advance,

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13/08/2018 12:51 pm  

Hi Nicholas, could you specify your question?
Would you agree the desire to win is necessary for a winning attitude?
What would you like to know?