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Komeda Toshiro Passing the most difficult Kendo exam: 8th Dan Learning and progressing with students

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2021.2 KENDOJIDAI Komeda Toshiro, 8th Dan Kyoshi Born in Otsu-cho, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1969. After graduating from Kyushu Gakuin Junior and Senior High School, he went on to Chuo University, after which he returned to his alma mater to teach. He has participated in the All Japan Championships, the All Japan East-West Tournament, the National Athletic Meet and the National Teachers' Tournament. As a coach, he has won the Inter High School Team Championship eight times and the individual championship four times, the National High School Invitational Tournament ten times and the Gyokuryuki Tournament nine times. Reevaluation through standalone practice with third-year high school students Kyushu Gakuin Junior and Senior High School has a brilliant record in winning the Inter-High School Group Tournament and the National Junior High School Tournament. Komeda Toshiro, the coach of this prestigious school, passed his 8th Dan examination in October 2020. “I think I was able to face the examination in my own natural way, without exerting myself too much, and with the right amount of mental tensity”, he said. As a teacher and coach of the Kendo club, he must have had a busy schedule, so how did he spend his time in the…