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Making use of Okori (Young Kenshi) part 1

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2021.8 KENDOJIDAI Translation: Pepijn Boomgaard In Kendo, there is something called the three unforgivable opportunities. The first one of these is the start of someone’s attack. Apply Seme, lure out your opponent, seize your opponent’s movement and strike. Let’s learn about how to seize Okori and increase the number of Ippon. It’s important to talk with your opponent’s heart Yamamoto Shohei (Kyoto)Born in 1984 in Aichi prefecture. Went to Ritsumeikan Uji High School and Ritsumeikan University. After graduation, he joined the Kyoto Prefectural Police. His achievements include participating in the All Japan Championship, 3rd place at the All Japan Police Championship 1st division and participating in the individual tournament, participating in the Kokutai, and getting 3rd place at the All Japan Student Championship. Kendo Renshi 6th Dan. Move your opponent intentionally, you won’t get an opportunity by accident When asked what Okori is in Kendo, many of us might think that it is the start of a movement. There are many ways to aim for Debana1, but in order to not let it happen by accident and move the opponent intentionally to seize Okori, it is important to focus on the stage before your opponent makes their move. In other words,…