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This article series is about the founding company presidents who established kendo clubs along with their companies to support the souls of their employees and who personally take the lead in their club’s activities.


Miyahara Tadashi

Miyahara Tadashi
Born in Tokyo in 1974, 43 years old. Went from Seisoku High School to Nihon Physical Education University and got a job at a private company after graduation. Established RFtecnica in 2004. Their kendo club joined the All Japan Business Kendo Federation in 2011. President Miyahara himself participates in tournaments. Renshi 6th dan.
RFtecnica Co., Ltd.


A dive into sales after graduating from Nippon Physical Education University

RFtecnica was founded in 2004 and has celebrated its 13th anniversary this year. Its main business is a wide range of construction-related works such as construction contracting, engineer dispatch, job placement, architectural design, facility design, drawing construction blueprints and construction management contracting. RFtecnica also focuses on engineer outsourcing.

You would expect that president Miyahara himself has a background in industry, but he graduated from Nihon Sport Science University, where he trained to be a kendo teacher. It can be said that he is a manager with a wide range of skills.

“I started kendo with the help of my esteemed father and was deeply impressed with the teachings of Tanaka Hiroyasu sensei during my high school days. I spent most of my high school life doing kendo before entering Nihon Physical Education University. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my father and Tanaka sensei. However, when I came to university, I was stunned by the level difference in kendo. There were a lot of senpai and classmates who were active in the Inter High and Gyokuryuki tournaments and I kept being amazed by the high level of technique and approach. I managed to continue for 4 years, but honestly my passion for kendo faded.”

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