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Making use of Okori (Young Kenshi) part 2

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2021.8 KENDOJIDAI Translation: Anne Zwart Perceiving movement in the body and mind Watanabe Kazuteru, born in 1985 in Ehime Prefecture. After graduating from Nitta High School, he continued his studies at Toyo University. Has been working as a member of the Ehime Police Force since. Has appeared at the All Japan KENDO Championship, All Japan Interprefecture KENDO Championship and in the individual competition of the All Japan Police Team Championship. Has placed second in the National Sports Festival, second and third in the third league of the All Japan Police Team Championship. Kendo 6-dan. Ready to strike through postureStay aware of the left side of your body in Kamae Okori is the moment when your opponent stirs to make a move. A typical followup to this is to strike Debana the second your opponent is about to go for a technique. The time window for these opportunities is incredibly small; you will be too late if you try to strike after visually processing that your opponent is about to strike. To be able to grasp Okori, you have to feel the Okori within the other and be ready to strike as the other person is about to strike. I think that…

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