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Aiming for a new Kendo environment

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2018.9 KENDOJIDAI The decline in the number of children and the increase in the number of teachers in club activities in the world of Kendo are having a major impact. What should be done in order to increase the number of children who continue to practise Kendo in the future? After the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, there is a growing interest in comprehensive regional sports clubs that will serve as an engine to promote regional sports. We asked Enoki Toshihiro (7th Dan, Director of the Regional Sports System Research Institute and Representative of Colorful Kanazawa) about the possibility of a restructured Kendo environment. If we can create an environment where people can easily continue to do Kendo, more children may start and continue their Keiko. Profile Enoki Toshihiro, Kyoshi 7th DanBorn in Hakui, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1963. After graduating from Hakui High School, he went on to the University of Toyama and became a teacher. He later completed his graduate studies at Kanazawa University. Currently, he is the director of the Regional Sports System Research Institute, the representative of Colorful Kanazawa, a business school for the disabled, and an external instructor at Unoki Junior High School. New Kendo environment…

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