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Refining Men-strikes as practiced by younger Kenshi, Part 2

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KENDOJIDAI 2021.1 Footwork, from Seme to striking Gonpei Akihito (Tokyo) 7th Dan, KyoshiBorn in Niigata Prefecture in 1982. After graduating from Kokushikan High School and Soka University, he joined the Imperial Police. He has won the National Athletic Meet twice and participated in the National Police Tournament six times individually, placing fourth in the first division and third in the third division. He is currently a member of the Police Liberal Arts Division. Firm Fumikomi to follow through with good posture The key to striking Men is to use my legs effectively and take the initiative in the strike, which is my Kendo style. Because I am not blessed with height, I have been doing Keiko since childhood with the common theme of how to apply Seme to a taller competitor so that my opponent will get disrupted, leading to a Men strike. Currently, I am particularly conscious of the importance of performing a sharp and firm Fumikomi so that my posture does not get disrupted and I am able to land my strikes and follow through with them. 1. Kamae and footwork Kamae expresses one's mind. The most important part of the Kamae is the left hand. The left hand…

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