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How to build a strong team, Part 1: Shimabara High School, Nagasaki

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2018.10 KENDOJIDAI Excellence in study and Kendo: Bunbu Ryodo (the two paths of pen and sword) is the path to victory Shimabara shines bright in the world of Kendo. The school, which is usually ranked at the top of the national championships every year, has grown rapidly since the arrival of Watanabe Takatsune Sensei, who is currently serving as the principal of the school. The school's members are committed to a two-way approach to learning. “Doing your best in everything you do will lead to victory”, says Watanabe. How does the Shimabara High School Kendo Club train to achieve results? The foundation of the basics is what allows us to transform our characteristics into traits Watanabe Takatsune, Director Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1960. After graduating from Shimabara High School, he entered Tsukuba University and began teaching in his hometown of Nagasaki. In 1989, he was transferred to his alma mater, Shimabara High School, where he raised the school to the top level in Japan in 20 years. He currently serves as the principal of the school. Fukuda Shuntaro, coach Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1978. After graduating from Nagasaki Higashi High School and Kanoya College of Physical Education, he began…

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