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2021.1 KENDOJIDAI Apply Seme to the center to the very last second, then strike Men while suppressing your opponent When I was asked by Kendo Jidai to write an article on “Men”, I had a reflection of my own training and Shiai, and at the same time, as I went from being a competitor to an instructor, I was deeply moved by the Men Ippon that my students struck in the past. I think that Men is the technique that we practise the most in our Keiko, as can be seen in Kirikaeshi and Uchikomi. I myself have learned a lot from my teachers. I have realized the importance of winning through Seme and then striking. However, even when I am able to perform a satisfying Men strike, there is a degree of uncertainty as to how I was able to do it. Within that setting however, I feel that Men strikes are the best way to express the spirit and determination to confront yourself with the farthest striking target from you, and I think that continuing to dare to challenge that point will lead to striking with abandon, and I am working with this in mind. It may be presumptuous…

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