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For kids’ home practice. Let's make use of the Suburi Calendar!

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Due to the coronavirus, people have been forced to refrain from practicing Kendo. Many of our readers may have been devising ways to practice at home, such as Suburi and training. In such a situation, Fujimoto Ayame is working to support boy and girl Kenshi not only in Japan but also in the world with their Suburi at home. In this article, we will introduce her original “Suburi calendar” with adorable illustrations. Profile Fujimoto Ayame / Martial ArtistBorn on January 28, 1996. 3rd Dan in Kendo and a 2nd Dan in Iaido.Born in Hyogo Prefecture. After graduating from high school, she moved to Nagano to pursue martial arts. Currently, she is involved in activities to support boys' Kendo, with things like the Textbook of Kendo and the Suburi Calendar, while teaching at a Junior Sports Club and a Junior High school Kendo Club. https://www.facebook.com/AyamesKendoNote/ Impetus for the Suburi Calendar “Due to the coronavirus, the training and tournament schedule at the Dojo where I teach was completely cancelled at the end of February. Any dojo will have home practice during this crisis, but if you just tell them to keep doing it at home, it depends on the child whether they actually…

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