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Taking the Leap of Faith (Christopher Yang)  


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30/10/2020 11:29 am  

Many told me that kendo would never be popular in Texas.  Many told me that they tried to start dojos in Texas, but that members would not join or continue for very long.  In the entire state of Texas, there were less than 150 people who practiced kendo, notwithstanding that Texas (the second most populous state in the US) has a population of over 29 million people.  To be honest, I was also worried about the perception others would have about me starting my own dojo.  I wanted to prove that I could work within the community I lived in, that I could integrate into any local dojo and practice within that environment without having to lead or have it “my way” all the time. I thought of countless reasons why I should not start my own dojo in Texas.  I didn’t have the time.  I didn’t have the energy.  I didn’t want to shoulder the responsibility of a new dojo.  I didn’t know anyone in the area and didn’t know if anyone wanted to learn kendo.  I didn’t have a place to practice.  These reasons acted as a justification for my inaction, and looking back now, I think these…

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