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The 65th All Japan Championship Nishimura Hidehisa, the trajectory of all six games

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How did Nishimura Hidehisa grasp the victory? Once again, we looked back at all the games of the 65th tournament with Nishimura's impressions. First round Securing a victory with a solid match The first round is often described as an important decisive moment because of the common pattern of not being able to move and getting struck as a result of being over cautious. This time in particular, in the opening stage, the trend of championship candidates’ defeat continued. Nishimura 's first opponent is Ebihara Hidenori, the mainstay of the Ibaraki Prefecture Police. He has experience winning the All Japan Student Team Championship, and a track record of 2nd place at 3rd division and 2nd place at 2nd division in the National Police Tournament . He is 32 years old this year, and it will be his 7th run in the All Japan Championship. Experienced police veteran players rarely have openings. On top of that, it is likely that Ebihara has done thorough research and prepared accordingly as his opponent is Nishimura. "I was most nervous in the first match. Indeed I sensed his skill crossing shinai with him, and that developed into me contemplating about how to grasp the…