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October 2018

  • WKC

    Players comment : JY Jo (Korea)

    The 17th World Kendo Championships ended. I felt so relieved, and now I don’t have regrets. The Korean national team has been competing for two years to prepare for the 17th World Kendo Championships.…

  • Event tournament

    4th Welsh Open Kendo Taikai

    4th Welsh Open Kendo Taikai will be held on 16th and 17th of February 2019. If you want to join this tournament, please follow the facebook event page. Here is a detail. Date :…


    Kendo lessons of Chiba Masashi vol.4: Oji waza

    Chiba Masashi, the champion of refined lessons on kendo, also known as “Chiba magic”. Studying this will bring quick improvement. A jodan expert reveals his secrets to you. Chiba Masashi Chiba Masashi / Born…


    Susumu Takanabe’s Men

    Takanabe Susumu renshi 6th dan Born in 1976 in Kumamoto Prefecture, 35 years old. Proceeded from PL Gakuen High School to University of Tsukuba, after graduation, appointed to Kanagawa Prefectural Police. National Police Team…


    Yokohama 7th Dan tournament : SHIMPAN REVIEWS

    Earthquake disaster reconstruction support 5th All Japan Invitational Kendo Seventh Dan Championship (Yokohama 7th Dan tournament) brought back to life. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not…


    Yokohama 7th Dan tournament : Players and results

    2018-02-18 What is Yokohama 7th Dan tournament? The Yokohama 7th Dan tournament, also known as the All Japan Invitational Kendo 7th Dan Championship, is a tournament of 7th Dan teachers who have been active…

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