Kendo lessons of Iwakiri Kimiharu KENDO TECHNIQUE

How to hit powerful Men? Iwakiri-sensei’s technique lecture


The unified direction of Shinai and body
To hit a powerful Ippon while paying attention
to the position of the left hand

Iwakiri Sensei is currently the men’s and women’s coach of the International Budo Universities’ Kendo Club. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring the correct position of the left hand in order to
strike a powerful Ippon and introduces a part of the Uchikomi Keiko he teaches at the International Budo University.


Iwakiri Kimiharu, Kyōshi 8th Dan.
Born 1966 in Miyazaki prefecture, 51 years old. Moved from Kōchi Highschool to the International Budo University, and became a teacher there upon graduating. Participated in the All Japan East-West Tournament, National Sports Tournament, National Teachers Tournament, and the Inter Prefectural Tournament, a.o. Currently professor and coach of the International Budo Universities’ Kendo Club.

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