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This article series is about the founding company presidents who established kendo clubs along with their companies to support the souls of their employees and who personally take the lead in their club’s activities.


Hayano Katsuhiko

Hayano Katsuhiko
Born in Osaka Prefecture, 60 years old. After getting a job in Osaka, moved to Tokyo and founded “Indoor” in 1994. Established “INDOOR h’s” in 2006. Started kendo at 10 years old and served as a youth kendo instructor for the Magome Youth Countermeasure Committee and an external instructor for the Kaizuka Junior High School Kendo Club for more than 20 years. Kendo 7th Dan.

Individual growth leads to company growth

INDOOR h’s was founded in 1994 as a one man business by President Hayano. In 2006, the company was opened to investors market to expand its business.
Its main business is interior construction and finishing, but the company also performs restoration, renovation, liquidation, store / office opening consulting, building dismantling and large-scale repairs.
“Twenty-three years ago, when I became independent, I was undertaking work as a private business. I was working a so-called craftsman job, with the idea that the longer I worked, the more I could earn.”
The company was opened to investors in 2006, 11 years ago. The sales and construction departments were to be led by employees, with the aim of expanding business. The name of the company was changed from “Indoor” to “INDOOR h’s”.

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