Results : The 27th Dusseldorf Cup (Individual)


On November 9th, 2019 (Saturday), The 27th Dusseldorf Cup was held in, Germany. This year, 100 children (6 to 18 years old) from 4 countries and 15 dojo participated. They gathered from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK to compete.
Individual matches were held in the morning and group matches were in the afternoon. After all the matches ended, a joint practice was held for exchanging friendships. This article is a report on the results and highlights of individual matches.

Individual Results

Individual matches were divided into without Bogu (Category A / B) and with Bogu (Category C / D / E).

Without Bogu (Category A / 6-12 years old)
1st:Watanabe Yuka-Celina (JC Dusseldorf e.v. Kendo Club)🇩🇪
2nd:Nakayama Haruka (JC Dusseldorf e.v. Kendo Club)🇩🇪
3rd:El Guernaoui Amina (Seikenjuku Oldenburg)🇩🇪, Kharuchenko Kai (JC Dusseldorf e.v. Kendo Club)🇩🇪

Without Bogu (Category B / 13-18 years old)
1st:Choudrey Rehan (Renshinjuku)🇳🇱
2nd:Nozawa Maya (JC Dusseldorf e.v. Kendo Club)🇩🇪
3rd:Brandelski Nick (HKenV)🇩🇪, Shirokov Dan (JC Dusseldorf e.v. Kendo Club)🇩🇪

With Bogu (Category C / 6-10 years old)
1st:Kobayashi Soichiro (HKenV)🇩🇪
2nd:Wi Jeongwoo (HKenV)🇩🇪
3rd:Naruse Ryuki (Wakakoma Kenshikai)🇧🇪, De Smet Kotaro (Wakakoma Kenshikai)🇧🇪

With Bogu (Category D / 11-14 years old)
1st:Spilarewicz Finn (HKenV)🇩🇪
2nd:Tanaka Taiki (HKenV)🇩🇪
3rd:Haeke Sakura (Kojika Kendo Club)🇧🇪, Kobayashi Issey (HKenV)🇩🇪

With Bogu (Category E / 15-18 years old)
1st:Kurogi Kota (Wakakoma Kenshikai)🇧🇪
2nd:Ishikura Kaoru (Shoma Dojo)🇩🇪
3rd:Peisker Sebastian (HKenV)🇩🇪, Glowinkel Philipp (Le Chevalier Recklinghausen)🇩🇪

Without Bogu (Category A / 6-12 years old)

Without Bogu (Category B / 13-18 years old)

With Bogu (Category C / 6-10 years old)

With Bogu (Category D / 11-14 years old)

With Bogu (Category E / 15-18 years old)


With Bogu (Category C / 6-10 years old) final. This turned out to be a match of HKenV(Germany) vs HKenV(Germany).
Kobayashi (white) hit men immediately after Wi (red) made a strike and turned around. Furthermore, he finished this battle with an excellent men.
Kobayashi is the youngest of the three brothers. They made a team together and got 1st prize. His dad also started Kendo with him.

With Bogu (Category D / 11-14 years old) Final. This is also a confrontation between HKenV (Germany) teams. Finn (white) started Kendo at the age of seven. Throughout the day, his fast, sharp and beautiful kendo caught the eye. On the other hand, Tanaka (red) also has a nice men, lunging from long range. “Sensei always taught me to hit big and fast. I couldn’t keep up with Finn’s speed this time,” Tanaka said after the tournament. The first one was a powerful men. Finn was getting into ma-ai and made a fast and men from far distance, and the second one was very powerful men through the center.

With Bogu (Category E / 15-18 years old) final. Kurogi (red) vs the only jodan player in this tournament, Ishikura (white). At encho, Kurogi hit kote soon after Ishikura’s (white) posture collapsed after hitting, and finished the game. Last year’s runner-up Kurogi was 18 years old and this was the last game to participate in the Dusseldorf Cup. “In the future, I would like to participate in the European Kendo Championships with my seniors as a Belgian representative,” he said.

After the tournament, the players shake hands to say thanks. Every game was well greeted.

About 30 juniors and youth participated from Wakakoma Kenshikai to which Kurogi belongs.
Dojo members who retired from tournaments under 18 also came to support and it was very impressive sight that the children were supporting each other. “I like the younger children and taking care of them. I’m also happy that they cheer for me a lot when I fight (Kurogi).”

We would like to thank the Japanischer Club Dusseldorf e.V. Kendo Club for cooperation in writing this article.

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