Results : The 27th Dusseldorf Cup (Team)


On November 9th, 2019 (Saturday), The 27th Dusseldorf Cup was held in, Germany. This year, 100 children (6 to 18 years old) from 4 countries and 15 dojo participated. They gathered from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK to compete.
Individual matches were held in the morning and group matches were in the afternoon. After all the matches ended, a joint practice was held for exchanging friendships. This article is a report on the results and highlights of matches.

Team matches

Teams of 3
Senpo : Category C(6-10 years old), Chuken : Category C or D(11-14 years old), Taisho : Category D

1st:HKenV (Sprendlingen)🇩🇪
2nd:Wakakoma J2🇧🇪
3rd:Mokuseikan1🇳🇱, Seikenjuku🇩🇪

Teams of 3
All Category E (15-18 years old)

1st:Wakakoma Kojika MIX🇧🇪
2nd:Renshinjuku Mokuseikan MIX🇳🇱
3rd:HKenV Koln Recklinghausen MIX🇩🇪, Opladen🇩🇪

Teams of 5
Senpo&Jiho : Category C or D, Chuken-Taisho : Category E

1st:HKenV (Katana)🇩🇪
2nd:Shoma Dojo🇩🇪
3rd:Wakakoma Kenshikai🇧🇪, JC Dusseldorf e.V. Kendo Club🇩🇪

Teams of 5

1st place, teams of 5 : HKenV (Katana)
Finn and Tanaka on the left in this photo fought in the individual final.
In this tournament, HKenV won many medals in both individual and team categories.

Team 5 people 2nd : Shoma Dojo
Shoma Dojo has a strong presence in European children’s tournaments.
Some members are brothers and sisters, and each has 8-12 years of kendo experience.
They train three times a week and their sensei provides them with training towards competitions.

3rd place, teams of 5 Wakakoma Kenshikai

JC Dusseldorf e.V. Kendo Club

Teams of 3, youth age group (15 to 18 years old)

1st place, teams of 3 (youth age group):Wakakoma Kojika MIX

2nd place, teams of 3 (youth age group):Renshinjuku Mokuseikan MIX

3rd place, teams of 3 (youth age group):HKenV Koln Recklinghausen MIX

3rd place, teams of 3 (youth category):Opladen

Teams of 3, junior age group (6 to 14 years old)

1st place, teams of 3 (junior age group): HKenV (Sprendlingen)

2nd place, teams of 3 (junior age group): Wakakoma J2

3rd place, teams of 3 (junior age group) : Mokuseikan1

3rd place, teams of 3 (junior age group) : Seikenjuku


Teams of 3 (junior age group) Final. Kobayashi (red / HKenV Chuken) got two men. Three Kobayashi brothers participated together and formed a team.

For teams of 3 (youth age group) there are league matches. In the Renshinjuku Mokuseikan MIX team, Quint’s achievements stood out. He won every match with two men by making use of his height.

We would like to thank the Japanischer Club Dusseldorf e.V. Kendo Club for cooperation in writing this article.

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