Online Kendo Class with Nabeyama Takahiro Sensei


Kendo Jidai International is pleased to announce the launch of “Nabeyama Sensei Online Kendo Class” in cooperation with Nabeyama Takahiro, Kyoshi 8th Dan and professor at the Tsukuba University.


Starting from October 31th 2020, live lessons will be offered every two months.
CET (Central European Time) 11:00-12:30.

Conditions of participation

  • For paid subscribers of Kendo Jidai International (Join / Login)
  • You should participate in the class with good manners and moderation as a Kendo player
  • You must have an internet connection and a Zoom account

Lesson content

The following lessons are planned:

  • A lecture based on an article by Nabeyama Sensei published in Kendo Jidai International
  • Commentary on participants’ shared videos
  • Thematic lessons on footwork, Suburi, etc.
  • Advice for Dan examination

Number of participants

All paid subscribers of Kendo Jidai International will be able to view the live lessons, but those who can access the Q&A and videos will be selected by lottery.

This project is also an attempt to find a new way to learn Kendo. We hope you will join us for the further development of Kendo.

How to apply

Please use this application form and we will close it when we reach 20 people.


-You will be asked to submit a video of your Suburi before the zoom session and the lecture will be based on it.
-The online lesson will be done using zoom. We recommend using a tablet or PC, not a smart phone.
-Please make sure you have a good internet connection before you join the class.
-When using zoom, we recommend speaker view (it’s easier to see the teacher’s movement).
-Please mute the speaker except when you are speaking.
-The language used is English and Japanese

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