Top 10 articles of 2020


No. 10 Seme: Comprehensive choreography approach to taking the center line — Nabeyama Takahiro

No. 9 How to hit powerful Men? Iwakiri-sensei’s technique lecture

No. 8 Best 8 Bokken and Shinai for Suburi

No. 7 Features of combat suburi : The secrets of being strong lies in suburi

No. 6 The most powerful home training you can do on your own

No. 5 Unity of offense and defense, left and right: The key lies in Kamae

No. 4 Suburi done while envisioning a duel leads to improvement

No.3 Kamae: Freedom in offense and defense

No.2 HIIT: The ultimate core training for Kendo

No.1 Solo Keiko and physical training for non-professionals

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