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Eiga Naoki Interview: All Japan Title

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KENDOJIDAI 2021.2 As the saying goes, “what’s in a name” Eiga Naoki (Eiga roughly translates into prosperous flower) is a shining light in the world of Kendo. He may very well be the most famous Kendoka in Japan. We trace his journey in this dialogue. Eiga Naoki Born in Hokkaido in 1967. After graduating from Tokai University 4th High School, he went on to study at Tokai University and then joined the Hokkaido Police. His major achievements include winning the All Japan Championship (and one 3rd place), winning the World Championship (individual and team), winning the All Japan Invitational 7th Dan Championship, and winning the All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship. He is currently the head of Technical Instruction in the Hokkaido Police Educational Department. 8th Dan Kyoshi. The allure of becoming the best in Japan starts the journey in Kendo  – I would like to talk to you about the theme of “Japan’s best”. First of all, can you tell us about the moment when you first became aware of being the best in Japan? Eiga: I started Kendo because I was fascinated by the words “Japan’s best”. One of the ways to become the best in Japan was through…