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Footwork that gets children hooked

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KENDOJIDAI 2021.8 Totsuka Dojo devotes much time to mastering Ashisabaki. They even have a training camp dedicated to improving footwork. This article will introduce 10 types of footwork drills practiced at Totsuka Dojo. Photography: Nishiguchi KunihikoTranslation: Pepijn Boomgaard Tsuchida Kazuhiro (Director of Totsuka Dojo)Born in 1971 in Kumamoto prefecture. Started training at Kumamoto Jikishinkai (under Sakamoto Seiya Sensei) at age seven. Went to Aso Chuo High School, where he was taught by Izumi Katsutoshi Sensei while living in the Kendo dormitory. He has been working at Michiwa Shohkoh for 30 years. He also practices Kendo as a member of the company’s Kendo team, with which he placed 3rd at the Kanto Corporate Team Tournament. In his hometown, he teaches children at Totsuka Dojo. The Dojo’s junior high school team placed 3rd at the All Japan Dojo Tournament. Kendo 6th Dan. It seems to me that rather than learning from their teachers, children learn by imitating strong children. Whether or not children can successfully imitate others depends on their own footwork. Strong teams and Dojo have a strong child at their core. By emulating and imitating that child, the level of the whole team or Dojo is raised. In my experience, there…