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This article series is about the founding company presidents who established kendo clubs along with their companies to support the souls of their employees and who personally take the lead in their club’s activities.


Inagawa Takahisa
Born in Hokkaido in 1966. Went to PL Gakuen High School, Asia University and joined Nittsu Shoji after graduation. After that, he took over the family business in Hakodate. In 1997, he moved to Tokyo at the age of 30 and founded “Bear Hug”. Currently, representative of Bear Hug and head of group companies in manual therapy, esthetics, osteopathics, medicine and nursing. 6th dan.

Bear Hug Co., Ltd.

Interact with all people with love

Bear Hug, which plays an active role in various business team tournaments, has been mainly engaged in manual therapy, foot therapy, aesthetics, chiropractics and store management for acupuncture.

“Over the course of the last six years, it has unexpectedly taken the current shape. Our philosophy is to interact with all people with love. We want to continue to do our work while interacting with people and this attitude is highly appreciated. In addition to our earlier lines of business, we are now also operating and managing hospitals, nursing homes, and kindergartens.

The Bear Hug Group’s sales now exceed 10 billion yen annually (roughly 94 million U.S. dollars). “If you look at the numbers alone, it looks like a big success, but the business has gone through a series of failures. In shiai kendo, there will be an opportunity to strike at least once, so we operate this business too with the intent of scoring an ippon.”

Bear Hug was founded in 1997 and currently has stores not only in Kanto but also in Tokai, Kansai and Thailand

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