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Insights on passing 8th Dan examinations, Part 1

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2018.9 KENDOJIDAI The experiences of Kenshi who passed the most difficult test in the world of Kendo, the 8th Dan examination. Here are the insights on passing it. Changes in Kendo view by meeting Kenshi globally Tokura Yuzo (Kanagawa)Born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1968. After graduating from Hiratsuka Konan High School and Doshisha University, he joined the Sony Business Solutions Corporation. Encouragement through social media with a 100 Keiko per year goal I haven’t done anything special in terms of specific training methods, but as I have aged, my physical strength has declined, so I took steps to be more aware of my breathing during Keiko. I focused on my breathing when I struck the opponent within my Uchi-ma and I used to have a habit of backing out during Men strikes, so I put emphasis on striking forward. Since I am a corporate Kenshi, I often go on business trips, so making time for Keiko was on my mind. 3 years ago, I set a goal of practising 100 times a year and kept a record to encourage myself. When I went on business trips, including overseas, I took my Bogu with me as often as possible to secure Keiko…