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Takanabe Susumu 7th Dan Championship victory interview  


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2019.05 KENDOJIDAI Takanabe Susumu, Kyoshi 7th Dan Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1976, age 42. Studied at PL Gakuen High School and Tsukuba University. After graduating, he joined the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department. Takanabe Susumu won the All Japan Championship, WKC, first division of the National Police Championships individual category and the Yokohama 7th Dan Tournament individual category several times.  Discarding the desire to win and committing to the true self In Shiai, there are moments when “this is where you have to win”. This is where Takanabe shows his unrivalled competitive prowess. Once in the spotlight, he is able to display his overwhelming strength to the audience. At the 6th Yokohama 7th Dan Championship, Takanabe won his third title, the last one being three years ago. After winning the 2nd and 3rd championship, he didn't make it to the top in the 4th and 5th. “In the past two tournaments, I got caught up in the mindset that I had to get Ippons and that I couldn't lose in the league stage. This time, I let go of those feelings and tried to take my natural stance”, he said.  This may have been the reason why Takanabe was able to…

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