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The dawn of a new era in European Kendo

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While COVID-19 had put a halt to the European Kendo Championship (EKC) since 2019, European national team Kenshi were finally able to cross swords again at Europe’s biggest Kendo event after 3 years in May 2022.  This was Europe’s first official international tournament under the new COVID-19 rules. Male, female and junior athletes from 32 countries joined for this event, playing 5 person team matches for adults and 3 person team matches for juniors. The individual matches were played in 6 poules.  The French men and ladies came in first place for teams, while the Serbian junior team maintained their gold medal from EKC 2019. The rejoice that the athletes felt for being able to participate in EKC again was obvious and infectious; although many things have been lost to COVID-19, I think this year’s EKC showed how explosive the joy of doing Kendo again that is shared over an entire continent can be. Cultivating unity in the midst of COVID-19, the participating teams showed their newly strengthened presence, including France, who, while having let go of some of its unbeatable status, still gave a formidable showing. Report: Sato MarikoTranslation: Anne Zwart 31st EKC Report Period: 27-05-2022 / 29-05-2022Place: Sport…