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The long awaited return of European KendoKenshi rejoice at the 30th EKC

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Text = Sato MarikoTranslation: Anne Zwart Reunited with friends: the true gentle face of kendo royalty France France has undoubtedly left its mark on European Kendo, boasting the most EKC medals and wins. Its strength is truly overwhelming, so I assumed France takes their wins for granted. However, French team captain Ito says on this matter: “We feel great pressure every time.” Ito’s looks are Japanese, but being born and raised in France, he is a pure Frenchman. He placed first in Men’s individuals in the 28th EKC, and although he lost this title at this year's EKC, the French team got the gold. His sharp Kote on exact Debana timing was especially impressive. During the day, Ito works for a bank. He combines his job with tough and frequent team practice. Ito explains his mindset for competitions: “I go to competitions because I can be with friends.” An unexpected answer. “The French male team get along very well. We do things with each other outside of Kendo as well. It’s thanks to my teammates that I can continue practicing, because we’re like family. Time spent with them is a happy place for me, so I keep going to practice…

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