17th World Kendo Championship Ladies’ team / Individual champion : Matsumoto Mizuki


For the first time in history, Matsumoto achieved consecutive victories in both team and individual categories leaving a huge mark.
There were various twists and turns behind the achievement of this feat.
“This team gave me so much strength”
The support of her comrades empowered her.

Interview = Yanagida Naoko
Shooting = Sasai Takamasa
Translation = Jouke van der Woude

Matsumoto Mizuki / Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1992, 26 years old. Took the shinai in hand at the Imajuku Shonen Kendo Club and went on to Chikushi High school, and Hosei Universtity. After graduation, she was appointed to the Kanagawa prefectural police. All Japan Women’s title, 3 World Chamionship team category titles, 2 World Championship individual category titles. National Police Championship title etc. Kendo 5th dan.

This time Matsumoto set the first big record for men and women. She entered into team and individuals for 2 consecutive tournaments (team category is the third time), and won became consecutive champion in both.

“There was a sense of joy and relief last time, but since those days various fears revealed themselves and days of conflict continued. Being able to overcome that and grabbing the title felt increasingly meaningful. When it was over, it felt like I an affirmation of all I have been doing.”

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