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How to understand Rei in Kendo

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Translation: Jouke van der Woude Sumi Masatake, 8th Dan Hanshi Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1943. After graduating from Chikushigaoka High School, he moved on to Fukuoka Gakugei University (now Fukuoka University of Education). After graduation, he worked as a high school teacher before returning to his alma mater, Fukuoka University of Education, as an assistant. From 1999 to 2002, he served as a permanent director of the All Japan Kendo Federation. He placed third in the 23rd Meiji-mura Kendo Tournament. He was the ladies’ coach of the Japanese national team at the 11th World Kendo Championships. He is the author of “Training Methods for Kendo by Age,” “Kendo is about basics,” and “Kendo for personal development”. Currently a professor emeritus at Fukuoka University of Education and the head of its Kendo club. What is Reiho (etiquette)? Simply put, Reiho is the manner of bowing, and the correct way to do so has been handed down according to the mode of bowing, such as standing or sitting. As it is taught, "Rei should be performed with a well kept posture on the outside and with deep respect on the inside," it emphasizes not only the formality but also the state…