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Senpai vs. Kohai in the finals: Matsuzaki Kenshiro

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2021.6 KENDOJIDAI Kenshiro Matsuzaki won the 68th All Japan Championship.It was his first title after overcoming defeat in the previous final.“I've done what I had to do up until now”.He fought by putting his entire Kendo life on the line that day. Matsuzaki Kenshiro, 4th Dan Born in 1998 in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 22 years old. He advanced from Shimabara High School to Tsukuba University, and next spring he will enter the graduate school of Tsukuba University. He has placed second in the Inter-High School Team Championship and third in the individuals, has won the National Athletic Meet three times, and has placed second in the team and second in the individual competition at the All Japan Student Championship. He has participated in the All Japan Championships three times in a row since his second year at university, finishing in the top 16 the year before last, second place last year, and taking the title for the first time this year. Calm and collected, focus on the Shiai at handWinning a fierce battle He was in his second year of university when he competed in the All Japan Championships for the first time. Just before he entered the tournament, the…

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