November 2019 updates


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Since there are various articles published, we will introduce the ones that came out in November.

How do elite swordsmen hit men? Teramoto Shoji

Why is kendo all about men? To attain the ultimate men-strike, we bring the expert views of Teramoto Shoji to you.

Distinguishing between 4 types of men-strikes

From the year before when I won the All-Japan Championship, I began to seriously pay attention to the process that leads up to striking. If you force it, it will create openings. If performing techniques to the best of your understanding isn’t enough, you have to do keiko. I started to think in this manner by putting more value on the process of seme.
“Teramoto, you are dexterous but it isn’t clear to me what you are going for. If you want to hit men, you should emphasize the process of how to get there, and not perform techniques without reason.”

Iwatate Saburo Kendo Lecture Secrets of Shofukan 4 : Tame

As is well known, in kendo there is a high emphasis on “tame”. It is difficult to give a short explanation of tame. In the Japanese-English kendo dictionary it says: “The condition of being composed both mentally and physically, and maintaining a spiritually replete state despite the tense situation when responding to the opponent’s attack or producing a waza.”

Tani Katsuhiko : The road to higher dan grades vol. 2 Kendo training is about of cutting away the excess

I would like to see those who aim for higher ranks practice with consideration of how to strike the opponent truthfully and according to the basics.
Of course, the opponent thinks about the same thing, so it is very difficult to land the basic strike. However, if you can do that it will be evidence that you understand the points of seme, tame, opportunity and sutemi (going all-in).

Yano Hiromitsu: Methods to improve your kendo mindset

We always live among invisible things. We know that there is gravity, magnetic force, and buoyancy but we can’t see it. Similarly, our souls do not usually appear in shape. Even if a person recognizes that there is something invisible, he wouldn’t think about utilising it. However, it is well known that invisible things can have a big impact on results and performance, also in the case of shiai and dan gradings.

The Road Less Traveled (Christopher Yang)

I remember vividly the first time I heard my name was listed in a kendo magazine. I made my kendo magazine debut over 25 years ago, when someone submitted an article about the 1994 U.S. Championships to a kendo magazine. Opening the shiny cover of the magazine, I had to flip through 95 percent of the book before finally finding a small blurry photo of my team, coupled with a mention of my name (in katakana) in the black and white section, a few pages before the end of the magazine. Looking at the article now brings smile to my face, but back then I probably felt as though I conquered the world. Since then, I have always believed kendo magazines have a special power to motivate, unite and engage kenshi in a very special way.

Results : The 27th Dusseldorf Cup

On November 9th, 2019 (Saturday), The 27th Dusseldorf Cup was held in, Germany. This year, 100 children (6 to 18 years old) from 4 countries and 15 dojo participated. They gathered from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK to compete.
Individual matches were held in the morning and group matches were in the afternoon. After all the matches ended, a joint practice was held for exchanging friendships.

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