The most read articles of 2019


We will introduce the most read articles of 2019!

10 : Iwakiri Kimiharu : How to be aware of “Tame” during Kamae and Suburi

It is important to attack while applying pressure. This allows us to create Tame in the buildup to our strike. The Seme we apply before attacking pressures our opponent. Being able to stay patient until the opponent breaks his Kamae or makes a move is what creates Tame. Having the ability to create Tame adds depth to your Kendo. Of course, this is very important for dan examinations. We asked coach Iwakiri of the International Budo University Kendo club, who has produced a great amount of Kendoka and Kendo teachers, about the way in which Tame is taught at his university.

9 : How to make a good Kendo environment for juniors: Kurogi Yoshinobu

Under such circumstances, Wakakoma Kenshikai in Belgium is home to 40 boys and girls, and these children have fun and do their best in Keiko. Young national squad members who participate in the WKC take care of the children. It is a very warm Dojo.

Mr. Yoshinobu Kurogi is at the center of this Dojo. He was transferred to Europe in 1990 and founded Renshinjuku Dojo in the Netherlands. He loves children and it is striking to see how he talks with them on the same level. In this article, we’ve asked about what Kurogi sensei values in teaching boys and girls in Europe and his ideas for keeping them interested and continue Kendo.

8 : Features of combat Suburi : Suburi with an actual match in mind

Ijima advocates that Suburi is equal in importance to Kirikaeshi and Kakarigeiko. He explains the function and the method of refined Suburi, and how it should be implemented at the basics.

7 : Valid training for legs to strike at any time

Don’t hit with your arms, hit with your legs. Don’t hit with your legs, hit with your waist. In any case the issue lies with the feet. Right leg, left leg. A top level Kendoka explains how to realise an ippon by looking at the relation between footwork and valid strikes.

6 : The essence of Kamae that leads to Seme and Tame

Good Kendo comes with Tame. If it is not sufficient, you will not succeed in either competition or examinations. The success of scoring an Ippon depends on it. How can we successfully create Tame? Kenshi with a great understanding of both the theory and practice of it will explain.

5 : Rise of European Kendo

The European Kendo Championships started in 1974, and are held in those years when there is no World Kendo Championships. This means it’s held two years in a row followed by a World Championship. Common participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Mozambique, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

4 : 17th World Kendo Championship Ladies captain Yamamoto Mariko

She got selected as a representative for the first time when she was 20. Since then 10 years have passed, and she has become captain and this is her 4th time challenging at the World Kendo Championship.

3 : How to hit powerful Men? Iwakiri-sensei’s technique lecture

Iwakiri Sensei is currently the men’s and women’s coach of the International Budo Universities’
Kendo club. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring the correct position of the left hand in order to
strike a powerful Ippon and introduces a part of the Uchikomi Keiko he teaches at the
International Budo University.

2 : Iwakiri Kimiharu : What is “Tame”? How to teach it?

Expressing Tame in a single word is difficult, but Iwakiri Sensei thinks that keeping your Kamae while pressuring from Issoku Itto no Maai, staying patient until the moment when your opponent is forced to move is what he would call Tame.

1 : Kendo lessons of Chiba Masashi vol. 1 : Seme, breaking and hitting

Chiba Masashi, the champion of refined lessons on Kendo, also known as “Chiba magic”. Studying this will bring quick improvement. A Jodan expert reveals his secrets to you.

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