Top 10 articles of 2022


No.10 Interview with All Japan Champion Hoshiko Keita

No.9 Recommendations for enhancing your Keiko (Nippon Sport Science University)

No.8 Tenouchi and sharpness of strikes (Koda Kunihide)

No.7 High Quality Kihon Keiko, part 3 (Sayama Masayuki)

No.6 Improving endurance and individual strengths (Okido Satoru)

No.5 Young Kenshi’s thoughts on high quality Kirikaeshi, part 1

No.4 Read the movements in your opponent’s body and mind (Sekikawa Tadaaki)

No.3 High Quality Kihon Keiko, part 1 (Iwatate Saburo)

No.2 Results : 31st EKC (European Kendo Championship)

No.1 The most powerful home training you can do on your own

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