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October 2019 updates

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Thank you for subscribing and visiting Kendo Jidai International! Since there are various articles published, we will introduce the ones that came out in October. How to hit the perfect kote We translated “How to hit perfect kote” from KENDOJIDAI (2016.5). “If you learn kote well, the winning rate goes up,” according to one top level player. If you want to be strong, you need to master it. So, the top level kendoka who are still active in the first round, explain how to hit kote. In September, we have introduced Kamei Toru, Funatsu Shinji, Matsuwaki Shinsuke and Takenaka Kentaro's Kote technique. In October, you can read article of Tanaka Hiroaki who is a director of Gedatsurenshinkan. How to hit the perfect kote : Tanaka Hiroaki (Gedatsurenshinkan director) Tanaka sensei explains: "I have been involved in elementary school children’s teaching for many years. Even if there is a difference in physique, I feel that if children attain a correct kote-technique it can be advantageous in shiai and the like. In addition, the reason why I teach about windows of opportunity is because there is a tendency to lose to kote-strikes." Iwatate Saburo Kendo Lecture Secrets of Shofukan 3 : Kensaki…