Top 10 articles of 2021


No. 10 Left foot techniques: Ishii Takeshi, 8th Dan

No. 9 Komeda Toshiro Passing the most difficult Kendo exam: 8th Dan Learning and progressing with students

No. 8 Full preparation of the left foot: Be aware of your right knee and master Seme-ashi

No. 7 Features of combat suburi : The secrets of being strong lies in suburi

No. 6 Kendo Research Office: Shinzato Chikano

No. 5 Essential left foot techniques (Kamei Toru)

No. 4 Irimi: Close for you, far for your opponent, Part 1

No.3 The complete Shinai manipulation guide

No.2 How to disrupt and go all-in (Sumi Masatake)

No.1 Solo Keiko and physical training for non-professionals

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